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Interactive Web Site Crosswords & Sudoku Puzzles

Puzzle Junction Interactive Crosswords for web sites are a means of generating repeat visitors to your site. Everyone loves crossword puzzles, so by offering an interactive crossword - one that your visitors can solve right on their computers - you have given them an additional reason to come back again and again.

Our interactive crosswords are available, either themed or unthemed, in a variety of sizes:
  • Small - A 13x13 grid size that is smaller than the average daily newspaper size crossword and includes approximately 65-70 clues.
  • Daily - A 15x15 grid size used regularly in daily newspapers that includes approximately 75-80 clues.
  • Sunday - A 21x21 grid size that is usually found in the Sunday editions of newspapers. This crossword includes approximately 145-160 clues.
  • Other sizes are also available upon request.
Interactive crosswords are actually hosted on our server. We will construct the page to mirror the pages on your web site, including links back to the pages on your site. Your visitors will not know that they have left your site and they will return to your site when they have completed the crossword.

Pricing for interactive crosswords is determined by a number of factors:
  • Size
  • Themed or un-themed
  • Syndicated or exclusive
  • Publication schedule (daily, weekly, etc.)
Puzzle Junction Interactive Sudoku Puzzles come in one size (9x9), but can be constructed in difficulty levels of:
  • Very easy
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
Pricing for interactive sudoku puzzles is the same for all difficulty levels.

There is a one time set-up fee of $40.00 for creating the mirrored web page.

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